Editor's Note

Progress Magazine Issue 3I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you, readers of this 3rd Issue of what we would like to call a ‘civil society magazine’.

There are plenty of non-government bodies predominantly working for human rights, micro-finance, women empowerment, corruption elimination, fair elections, and various other forms of social welfare in Bangladesh. A common perception is that many of these organizations or their leaders are either staunch supporters of active national political parties, strongly affiliated or funded by the same. Hence, many individuals who qualify as civil society are often reluctant to voice their opinions simply because they fear being tagged or coloured.

So, Progress aspires to be an unbiased triannual print and online publication that would circulate credible, compelling and cutting-edge content. Though not limited to, the content sits loosely within the themes of law, rights, governance, policies, diplomatic views on Bangladesh and matters of public interest. The periodical intends to create bridges between policymakers, foreign missions, and conscious citizens to uphold, acknowledge and solve complex problems towards a more progressive Bangladesh.

Your two cents on Bangladesh might help develop a platform like Progress, especially when elections are approaching. We are happy to hear from you or receive your contributions at editor@progressmagazine.net.

Happy reading!

Adv. Saquib Rahman