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Why do we need to pay top dollar to our teachers to build a better nation?


Teachers play a significant role in shaping and building society by educating and directing the next generation. In order to attract and keep outstanding teaching talent, a country must provide competitive compensation packages. Failure to do so could result in the brain drain of highly qualified professionals, described as the emigration of intelligent people to other nations in search of better job opportunities and pay. Bangladesh is one of the nations that has lost many qualified professionals to the West as they left the country in search of better opportunities and a better life

The Importance of Attracting and Retaining Top Teaching Talent

The quality of a nation’s educational system primarily depends on the training and experience of its instructors and teachers. The best instructors have an exceptional talent for inspiring, energizing and challenging students, creating an atmosphere that fosters inquiry, critical thinking, and invention. To entice such talented teachers, a nation must provide attractive salaries and perks commensurate with the position’s worth and significance. 

When we fail to do this, the repercussions are teachers and everyone else capable enough to make a living for themselves abroad, leaving the country. This is more representative of the situation that is prevalent at the university level, where academics choose not to return upon attaining a better degree. As for school or college teachers, qualified students opt for a corporate career as their career as a teacher will never be as rewarding. Competitive compensation packages attract and aid in the long-term retention of the most outstanding teaching staff, ensuring stability and continuity within the educational system. Additionally, receiving adequate pay can boost one’s level of job satisfaction, motivation, and dedication, all of which improve the standard of lectures. Competitive pay rates can also contribute to developing a positive feedback loop. As more gifted educators go into teaching, the standard of instruction will rise, which will benefit students’ outcomes. As a result, the likelihood that these students will follow teaching jobs increases, further enhancing the educational system.

If we compare with other countries in this region and compare the salaries in the West for a public school teacher, we will see why the stark difference makes people from this region leave their homes. Even considering living costs, a simple purchasing power study will explain why a teacher in Bangladesh is not getting a deserving compensation package. Acknowledging the instructor’s enormous influence on future generations’ thoughts and actions is equally crucial. A paid teacher is more inclined to go above and beyond the call of duty, investing time and money in their student’s education and professional development.

The Consequences of Failing to Compensate Teachers Appropriately 

A nation risks experiencing a brain drain when it does not offer teachers competitive compensation packages. This may result in a teacher shortage, which would lower the standard of instruction offered to children. A flawed educational system might hamper a country’s long-term progress, and the development of the subsequent generation needs more abilities and knowledge to spur innovation and support the economy. As these people contribute to the growth and success of other countries, the loss of top talent due to brain drain can also reduce a nation’s competitiveness on the international stage. Besides, a decline in the supply of good teachers will lead to people with fewer qualifications moving up and getting the opportunity to become a teacher when they do not have the necessary skills or qualifications. Besides brain drain, poor compensation ensures that qualified individuals aim for jobs other than teaching where they can have a better career and life. 

In Bangladesh, the situation is worse. Teachers attempt to supplement their incomes by offering tuition services after school, whereas the syllabus should have been finished inside the classroom. Struggling students are left without the direction and assistance they require to realize their full potential. This can lead to a vicious cycle where education quality keeps declining as poorer students do not get the necessary support and good students stop becoming teachers. A poor view of the profession may result from the absence of competitive teacher pay, deterring talented people from pursuing educational careers. This could result in a talent shortage in the academic field, exacerbate the issue of brain drain, and further degrade educational quality.

Addressing the Issue

A nation must place a high priority on teacher pay in order to stop brain drain and provide the best education for future generations. Offering competitive pay, comprehensive benefit plans, and chances for career advancement are all part of this. By putting money into its teachers, a country shows that it understands the value of education and contributes to developing an atmosphere that fosters the success of top teaching talent.

Incentives for continuing education and professional development, loan forgiveness programs for degrees related to education, and recognition programs that highlight the accomplishments and contributions of exceptional teachers are just a few policies that governments should consider implementing to increase the attractiveness of the teaching profession. Doing this will raise more comprehensive cultural views toward the teaching profession. This would attract more competent people by promoting a culture that respects teachers. Public campaigns, media attention, and neighbourhood projects can promote a positive perception of teachers and their crucial work.

Finally, it is crucial to include teachers in the decision-making processes that impact their profession. Teachers can be consulted on issues pertaining to curriculum development, assessment techniques, and professional standards. A nation may ensure that its educational policies meet the requirements and aspirations of the experts tasked with implementing them by allowing teachers a voice in these talks. Failure to do so may result in brain drain and skilled students opting for other careers, which would be detrimental to the nation’s future development and the standard of education. A country can guarantee a solid educational system, promoting the development and success of future generations by prioritizing teachers first.


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